What is Jatna?

Jatna is a fundraising website. Jatna makes fundraising for charities, schools, churches, spiritual groups, clubs, events, non-profit organizations, and for-profit organizations very simple. Any cause in need of fundraising can benefit from Jatna.

How does Jatna work?

Its easy. When you shop online through Jatna, you will earn money for the cause of your choice. Behind the scenes, Jatna is a bit more complex. In a nutshell, Jatna that takes clever advantage of affiliate marketing. When you shop through Jatna, the store that you shopped at sends a commission based on the size your purchase to Jatna. We then send it the cause of your choice.

Is Jatna free?

Yes. 100% FREE.

Do purchases made through Jatna cost any extra money?

No. A purchase through Jatna costs the same as a purchase not through Jatna.

How do I add a cause I would like to support to Jatna?

Easy, click the "Add a Cause" button on the homepage.

What are the percentages and/or amounts listed for each store?

These are the commissions that the cause you choose to support will receive when a purchase is made through Jatna. These commissions vary from store to store.

Does Jatna collect personal information?

No. We cannot see any of your personal information (name, credit card, address, email address or phone number).

Can I earn money for myself rather than a cause?


How is a cause paid?

We're flexible. Weíll make donations to a cause via check, credit card, PayPal, a Network For Good account, a website's "Donate Here" link, money order, etc. Prior to our first donation, weíll inquire on the preferred payment method.

When is a cause paid?

Monthly, after $50 in commissions is earned. Each month we will check if the cause's current balance exceeds $50. If, at the end of the month, a $50 balance is not achieved, the balance is carried forward into the next month. This will continue each month until the commission balance meets or exceeds $50 and then the cause will be paid.

What if a fundraising event ends?

No problem. We will send you a payment with your final balance, weither it be over $50 dollars or not, and then offer the option to deactivate your Jatna fundraising page.

Can for-profit organizations fundraise through Jatna?

Yes. We're happy to partner with both non-profit and for-profit organizations.

I just added a new cause, how quickly will it be registered with Jatna?

Your new Jatna fundraising page will instantly be available on our homepage for your immediate use. It will be highlighted in yellow. Within 24 hours, we will verify and approve it and then send you a confirmation email. Upon receipt of the confirmation email, your new Jatna fundraising page will appear for all Jatna visitors and you can start promoting it!

Who created Jatna?

Jatna was created by a father-son duo who wanted to hang out together, build a business, and make a difference. The father was an entrepreneur interested in ecommerce and donating to charitable causes. The son was a 15 year-old self taught computer programmer interested in the "internet of things" (before IOT was an acronym and before the I of the IOT was ubiquitous). They put their brains together (hung out) and Jatna (a business that makes a difference) was born.

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