How to Jatna

How Jatna Works

Fundraising through Jatna can be simplfied into 4 steps:

  1. Go to Jatna.
  2. Choose a cause you would like to support.
  3. - Causes are listed in the box on the homepage.
    - The search box allows you to search for a cause.
    - If you do not find your cause you may click the "Add A Cause" button.
    - Simply click the cause you would like to support to continue.
  4. Select a store you would like to shop through.
  5. - Like on the homepage, stores are listed in the central box.
    - To shop through that store, click the name of the store.
    - The percentages/dollar amounts listed to the right are the amount the cause will receive of your final purchase.
  6. Shop.

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